DeVos-funded Think Tank: Bring Back Child Labor

Betsy DeVos, a billionaire who never attended public school, never sent her children to public school, never worked in a public school, and does not have a degree in education, is Trump's pick for Secretary of Education. DeVos served on the board of the Acton Institute, a think tank, which merges corporate interests with the belief that Christians should take control of political and social institutions. She is the daughter-in-law to billionaire Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway, and sister to Erik Prince, founder of the notorious private military contractor Xe (formerly Blackwater USA).

Image from front page, web site, congratulating Trump's Education Secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos.

Earlier this month, the Acton Institute published a blog post titled, “Bring back child labor: Work is a gift our kids can handle.” (The headline on the article has since removed the words, “Bring back child labor,” but the clause lives on in the URL, and was captured by The Labor Network, and many others before it was changed.) Written by Joseph Sunde, the essay was in reaction to a recent "haunting" Washington Post photo montage of American Child Laborers of the past. Sunde frequently references Jeffrey Tucker, a research fellow at Acton Institute. Excerpt: "If kids were allowed to work and compulsory school attendance was abolished, the jobs of choice would be at Chick-Fil-A and WalMart. And they would be fantastic jobs too, instilling in young people a work ethic, which is the inner drive to succeed, and an awareness of attitudes that make enterprise work for all. It would give them skills and discipline that build character, and help them become part of a professional network.

These attitudes are rather missing from today’s young people just entering the workforce. They are forcibly kept out and then we are shocked to discover that the average college graduate today has a hard time getting into his or her groove at the age of 23. It’s because their human right to work and earn has been violated for a good part of their lives, to the point that they have lost interest in and knowledge of what work is like at all."

Images from early 19th Century Child Laborers

Two (girl) helpers (1909) Tifton Cotton Mill, Tifton, GA

Little Julia Tending the Baby at Home, All the older ones are at the factory.

Top photo: Two (girl) helpers (1909) Tifton Cotton Mill, Tifton, GA Middle photo: Little Julia Tending the Baby at Home, All the older ones are at the factory. She shucks too. (1911), Alabama Canning Factory, Bayou Le Batre, AL

Bottom photo: Child laborers in a coal mine (1908-1911), Lewis Hine, photographer.

For more information, click on the resource links below:

Washington Post Photo Montage

Foundation for Economic Education Who is Jeffrey Tucker

Huffington Post: Group Funded by Trump's Education Secretary Pick: 'Bring Back Child Labor' PowerBlog: Work is a gift our Kids Can Handle (Original Headline was scrubbed)

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