Conflict of Interest? Um, yeah...

Some republicans are attempting to casually dismiss any conflict of interest issues with president-elect Trump and his many international businesses. Other supporters, like Fox News contributor, Newt Gingrich, are literally advocating for Congress to just "change the ethics laws" for Donald Trump, rather than force Trump to "disentangle himself" from his multibillion-dollar business the way every other president of the United States has done. The New York Times has highlighted many of the conflicts of interest facing Trump (link below), but here at The Labor Network, we're focusing on the conflict of interest that concerns workers and their families. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is an independent federal agency responsible for enforcing labor laws and safeguarding employees' right to organize.

Donald Trump will be appointing up to five members to the NLRB, who will be in charge of investigating complaints brought by workers, which could include his own employees. Think about that for a moment. The potential for a problem is not that far-fetched, when you consider that as recently as a week before the election, the NLRB ruled against Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, for refusing the negotiate with a new culinary workers union and bartenders union. Trump's attorneys have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the ruling, and while the Culinary Union has said they may challenge future rulings, Bethany Khan, spokesperson for the Culinary Union, acknowledges that a new majority of Trump-appointed NLRB members is expected to be less generous in the protection of workers' rights than the current NLRB. "Trump-appointed NLRB members...expected to be less generous in protection of workers' rights than the current NLRB," Sources: NY Times - Array of Conflicts of Interest

Media Matters - Newt Gingrich Advocates for Trump

National Labor Relations Board

Culinary Workers Union 226

CNN Money - Trump to remake NLRB

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